EMV Ready with Tips Adjustments

EMV is the global standard for card security. Established in Europe, it’s slowly making its way to the U.S. We are adopting it immediately for use with our EMV card readers for the highest level of data protection for cardholders and business owners.

Online Ordering

When you choose BevoPOS, we make online ordering easy for you. We take your menu and modifiers and setup an online ordering website free of charge – and within minutes! If you have changes to your menu in the future, simply update the menu through any BevoPOS terminal in your restaurant, and sync the changes to your website instantly. Online ordering is the future, and BevoPOS gives you no-hassle setup seamless integration with your operation.

Delivery Module

Ready for online ordering? When you choose Bevo POS we do the work, you just make the decision. Start receiving online orders with a few quick and easy steps. We provide mobile apps, website integration and everything you need to get your restaurant online. Customers are not only able to order online but can make reservations, give feedback, and navigate to your restaurant. Easy control of your delivery module from one easy management and reporting tool interface.

Employee Scheduling Software

BevoPOS cloud-based service scheduling software was designed from the ground up to provide hospitality businesses with a smart scheduling and dispatch solution that’s fast, reliable and powerful. Schedule by service window or to the hour. Our scheduler is flexible enough to work the way your business works. And scheduling is just the start.

Interchangeable UI

Bevo POS provides the unique ability to select one of two different interface colors. Select either a modern, sleek black interface or a more traditional gray and blue interface. Choose the interface color that suits your business today.

Beautiful High Performance Terminals

Meet Prestige

Presenting the Prestige Point of Sale Terminal with its compact, stylish and easy-to-install design. Bevo software is encased in an elegant yet industrial strength hardware that includes Intel® CeleronTM J1900 (2.0 GHz), Solid State Drive(SSD) and LED touch screen. This makes Prestige the most robust and reliable terminal available to restaurant owners.

Rugged Mobility – 10″ Tablets Available

We have tablets made for your everything restaurant has to throw at it – and with premium specifications, just like their big sister, Prestige. Whether your servers are in tuxedos or roller skates, our mobile POS tablets are ready to take your orders.

Full Redundancy

The only fully-redundant POS on the market. All terminals communicate with one another within the network and with the cloud, real-time, so every machine is always current, store-wide. If one machine freezes, all others continue to operate normally including all pending transactions. No down-time, no restarting.

Table Layout With Status Control

Bevo POS offers management an extremely effective way to track staff efficiency. See real-time whose been taken care of and who’s still waiting, at a glance.


Bevo POS tracks and monitors your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. Remove the inaccurate manual counting process and let our Point of Sale system update the inventory count for you. Get alerts when inventory is low to ensure you are always ready to meet customer demands and your restaurant is fully stocked.

Custom Pizza Ordering

Bevo POS provides unique, customized accommodations down to ¼ size and incorporates corresponding price adjustments.

Quickbooks Integration

Give your bookkeeper a permanent vacation! Bevo POS QuickBooksTM integration allows business owners to easily import daily totals directly from your POS to QuickBooks. Anything you need in QuickBooksTM Online or QuickBooksTM Desktop is available at the click of a button: Sales, Tax, Discounts, Tenders, Paid Outs, Gift Cards, House Accounts and more!

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