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Franchise owners know a good idea when they see one. They have an uncanny sense to recognize potential others might overlook. That is why franchisers require a point of sale system that is as intuitive as they are.

Bevo POS was designed to help these business innovators make the most of their expansion. This system gives driven business people like franchise owners access to quality control features that will allow them to ensure operations are running smoothly across the board. Bevo is designed to work smarter and harder than the competition: a concept every franchise owner can understand.

Robust performance reporting ensures that franchise owners can keep a close eye on their key performance indicators (KPIs).

We believe that Franchise owners are a unique breed. They come with a distinct knowledge-base within their concept and have specific benchmarks for success and reporting to the Franchisors. Bevo POS, not coincidentally, was designed for franchise owners by a franchise owner, because what had been available couldn’t meet these needs in the format desired. As the foremost franchise POS, it is intuitive, organized, and fully redundant, syncing real-time, between and among terminals and optionally with the cloud as well, so it is guaranteed to continue functioning regardless of internet connectivity or server failure, without loss of data.

MyBevo enterprise cloud reporting allows for increased mobility for the busy entrepreneur. Monitor performance of any franchise location from anywhere in the world – in real time.

Bevo POS instantly delivers order to kitchen’s printer and display, you can create combo menu items, order specials or time-specific specials (early-bird), enjoy extremely simple and efficient order entry, error-free recall and effective tender on order screen, resulting in better quality control thus happy customers. Phone orders recall customer data with phone number entry, and delivery, including driver assignment are fully integrated. Caller ID and online ordering can be added for greater data intelligence and productivity. Data analytics effectively presented in dashboards, from in-depth financials, to extremely detailed employee performance, inventory count-down and money management, such as refund “trends” of specific servers, and can be customized to even finer detail, if needed.

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