Food Trucks Point of Sale System

Food Trucks
Point of Sale System

Drive your way to faster and more reliable service with Bevo POS. Start moving your lines faster, and take orders on-the-go.

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Food Truck POS

Taking your business where the customers are is every entrepreneur’s dream. Food truck owners are lucky enough to make that dream a reality. The mobility of their restaurants results in a wider customer base and creates the opportunity for sales where brick and mortar stores can’t.

BevoPOS’ easy-to-operate cash sales functions are food truck friendly. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Sales funtions

Because a major advantage of food trucks is the mobility, owners need a point of sale system that can hit the road with them. These on-the-go business people would benefit from the Bevo POS system because it optimizes the customer experience and has the flexibility necessary for operating a food truck.

With so many food trucks taking to social media and loyalty apps, BevoPOS allows for multi-tier and mutli-discount options to suit any program.


Bevo POS is the ultimate solution for food truck owners since it must be mobile, cloud-based, fully functional regardless of connectivity, and have the ability to access back office systems when away from the truck. Food Truck present a very unique opportunity for the POS industry and for customers. From single truck owners who relocate daily, to popular restaurants that have taken advantage of expanding with trucks, to new franchise editions that are exploding onto the scene. Bevo POS exceeds these requirements while offering additional integrated services such as online ordering, loyalty rewards, iPhone app development and internet “hotspot” integration. So your customers can order ahead, pay by credit card, wanting stay near to enjoy their food since they can get wireless for posting about it on social media… brilliant!