Fine Dining Point of Sale System

Fine Dining
Point of Sale System

Concentrate more on your guests and their experiences. Bevo POS automates everything from inventory management to loyalty programs.

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Fine Dining POS

Fine dining establishments are held to a higher standard than other restaurants. As such, they are expected to conduct their business in an efficient and precise manner. Additionally, owners of fine dining restaurants should focus their energy into perfecting the consumer experience. That is why a point of sale system like Bevo is incredibly useful. It has the capacity to maintain the integrity of a patron’s order to ensure a flawless delivery. When customers are paying fine dining prices, they expect an experience to match, and Bevo can help owners make that a reality.

Table layout view makes it easy to make sure all of your guests have the very best experience.

Table layout

Bevo POS is the ultimate solution for the challenging environment of a full service restaurant. It is intuitive, organized, and fully redundant, syncing real-time, between and among terminals and with the cloud so it is guaranteed to continue functioning regardless of internet connectivity or server failure, without loss of data. All terminals can be used for all jobs, from menu changes to bar orders to data analytics. Ordered items can be sent to printers at appropriate stations (drinks to bar and food to kitchen). Data analytics effectively presented in dashboards, from in-depth financials, to extremely detailed employee performance, inventory count-down and money management, to refund “trends” of specific servers, and can be customized to even finer detail, if needed.

Specials can be viewed easily from the home screen, making it easy for servers to access and print.

Remote access

Bevo POS mobile adds extra value to fine dining by allowing servers to save much needed time by entering orders and processing credit card payments tableside, thus increasing order accuracy and customer confidence since the credit card stays with the customer. Bevo offers the only cross platform mobile POS in the marketplace. This means your windows-based Charisma will look, perform and function identically to your iPad, including redundant syncing of data. One software training, endless terminal options.

Bevo POS offers full integration with online ordering, increasing profits and exposure and is expandable to accommodate both for physical growth as well as additional services and products, such as loyalty programs and gift card integration. Bevo Charisma comes with the option of a “smart-battery” upgrade; this option is highly recommended, as it will allow your terminals to maintain full operations, including credit card processing, in case of a power-outage/surge and without loss of data.