Country Club Point of Sale System

Country Club
Point of Sale System

We understand that country clubs require special features in their POS system. Get house accounts and more with Bevo POS.

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Though many people join country clubs for the exclusivity, they do not expect to be anonymous once they are on the inside. Country club members expect fast, personalized service in every regard. Therefore, owners who are able to meet these high standards flawlessly will retain memberships better than those who do not. Having a point of sale system, such as Bevo POS, that can track your customer base, remember their orders and help you adhere to their special preferences, will grant country club owners the ability to impress their highly selective clientele.

Table layout view makes it easy to make sure all of your guests have the very best experience.

Table layout

Country Clubs have unique POS system needs with a combination of Member relationships to be effectively maintained, to exceptional food service being offered, and then there’s the retail side. Bevo POS delivers all of the above within one efficient, accurate and simple to use system. Take orders poolside for Mrs. Karis, or from the 9th hole station for Mr. Garrison for his post-golf business lunch, with your choice of mobile ordering devices such as Bevo POS on the iPad. Bevo POS offers all the accouterments necessary to most effectively perform the duties of the Club, from food through retail, maintaining the expectations of your membership. From hold and fire options for the kitchen when members decide to linger longer, to keeping Member special requests maintained and at the ready, so Mr. Foucher has his Gin and Tonic delivered to his table upon seating. These are just a few of the ways Bevo POS performs on behalf of the club for your members.

Specials can be viewed easily from the home screen, making it easy for servers to access and print.

Specials of the day

Bevo POS is intuitive, organized, and fully redundant, syncing real-time, between and among terminals and optionally, with the cloud as well, so it is guaranteed to continue functioning regardless of internet connectivity or server failure, without loss of data. All terminals can be used for all jobs, from menu changes to bar orders to data analytics. Ordered items can be sent to printers at appropriate stations (drinks to bar and food to kitchen). Data analytics effectively presented in dashboards, from in-depth financials, to extremely detailed employee performance, inventory count-down, money management, and refund “trends” of specific servers. It can be customized to even finer detail, if needed.