Quick Service POS

Quick service restaurants are like well-oiled machines. Every part of the business process serves a purpose and contributes to the success of the end result. If some part of the system doesn’t work correctly, it throws a kink in the whole process. When your restaurant’s main objective is to serve customers as quickly as possible, even minor complications can have a big effect on revenue. However, quick serve restaurant owners can rely on the Bevo POS system to keep things moving quickly and efficiently.

BevoPOS modifiers allow for your servers to ring in virtually anything your customers can dream up, easily and accurately.

Bevo POS is the ultimate solution for the speed and accuracy required by quick service restaurants. As the foremost franchise POS, it is intuitive, organized, and fully redundant, syncing real-time, between and among terminals and the cloud, so it is guaranteed to continue functioning regardless of internet connectivity or server failure, without loss of data. Bevo POS instantly delivers order to kitchen’s printer and display, you can create combo menu items, order specials or time-specific specials (early-bird), enjoy extremely simple and efficient order entry, error-free recall and effective tender on order screen, resulting in better quality control thus happy customers. Phone orders recall customer data with phone number entry, and delivery, including driver assignment and mapping are fully integrated. Caller ID and online ordering can be added for greater data intelligence and productivity. Data analytics effectively presented in dashboards, from in-depth financials, to extremely detailed employee performance, inventory count-down and money management, such as refund “trends” of specific servers, can be customized to even finer detail, if needed.

Easily process orders for dine-in or take-out. BevoPOS also allows you to recall orders based on caller-ID for enhanced customer experience.

Bevo POS is expandable to accommodate both for physical growth as well as additional services and products, such as loyalty programs and gift card integration. Bevo Charisma comes with the option of a “smart-battery” upgrade; this option is highly recommended, as it will allow your terminals to maintain operations, including credit card processing, in case of a power-outage or surge and without loss of data.


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