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Like a good pie, all the elements of a business must work together to create the flavor of success. One of the principal components of good business is customer experience, and if there’s anyone who understands the importance of customer experience, it’s pizza shop owners. These restaurants can increase their sales by up to 30 percent if they have a point of sale system that allows for online ordering with a return customer login, according to Ad Age. Bevo POS has this feature and many more to help pizza shop owners keep the dough rolling.

BevoPOS is amazing with modifier options for pizza toppings. Easily customize down to the ¼ pizza.

Bevo POS is the ultimate solution for the unique demands of pizza shops. From time-sensitive order delivery to clearly organized customizable toppings, down to the ¼ of a pizza, with automatic corresponding pricing correlated to sizes and portions, Bevo POS eliminates the known challenges pizza shops typically experience. We offer Caller ID product integration services with extensive customer data mining, delivery with driver assignment and mapping, pick-up ticketing, loyalty services, gift card incorporation, and mobile credit card payment.

Keep track of all your phone orders and active delivery drivers all on one screen for maximum efficiency.

Bevo POS offers full integration with online ordering, with clear, customizable pie, interactive, increasing profits, exposure and is expandable to accommodate for both physical growth as well as additional services and products, such as loyalty programs and gift card integration. Bevo Charisma comes with the option of a “smart-battery” upgrade; this option is highly recommended, as it will allow your terminals to maintain operations, including credit card processing, in case of a power-outage or surge and without loss of data.

Keep your customers coming back for more. The BevoPOS back office makes it easy to create and remove any number of specials and discounts.

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