About Us


The mission of Bevo POS is to support and improve the business management capabilities and efficiency of our clients.


Our belief about Bevo POS is that with the right tools at your disposal, your business will succeed. We are committed to the continuous and innovative improvement of our products and services, because we understand that with intelligence comes success. By offering the most sophisticated product the industry has to offer and supporting our customers with the most qualified customer service agents, that our customers are the most prepared to succeed. We understand that every restaurant from the favorite corner Mom and Pop pizzeria to the most sophisticated urban fine dining experience needs tools. We strive, through our products, to successfully support all of our customer’s restaurants in their quest to succeed, because your success is our success.

Who we are

Welcome to the world of Bevo POS and our vision of providing the most advanced yet elegantly simple, Point of Sale system available in the industry. The Bevo POS system, offered with our exceptionally skilled customer service, multitude of service options and customizable solutions for all, has been and will continue to be the path to success for our customers and ourselves.

We are proud to serve as an important source of economic stability, opportunity, education and growth for the surrounding community.

We honor and support those local to our operations. Internship programs and sponsored IT competitions offered through colleges and universities, allow students to acquire real, intense, on the job experience within our exciting, highly specialized and ever-changing environment. This, in turn, allows us to identify and hire those gifted in this field who have extraordinary untapped talent and drive that will allow us to continue to grow and excel beyond the industry standards, for the benefit of our customers.

We also understand that it’s not just our local community, but our world.

Our team has had the pleasure and responsibility of nurturing powerful business relationships around the world, to ensure the most technically advanced, creative, progressive and quality POS products that are affordable and adaptable to every environment. With global input from the best minds in the industry, we’ve created the ultimate POS solution for your needs.

We are on a mission to continuously improve the products and services offered while maintaining and guaranteeing our unbeatable prices for the benefit of our customers.

We aim to grow our customer’s businesses by serving their needs and continuing to exceed expectations. We established our reputation by having committed years of innovation experience and precision honing to creating a POS system with the lowest power consumption available, bringing the first POS system that seamlessly translates to any Windows tablet, iPad or iPhone, enabling restaurants to process retail items within the same transaction and reducing customer costs by an average of 30%. These herculean achievements are what have earned us our impeccable reputation, and we’d like to share it with you.

We look forward to hearing about your goals and objectives for succeeding in your business, so we can support you in achieving those as your partner. We invite you to get to know us better.

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