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Bevo POS is the ultimate solution for the high-pressure demands of business owners, from the demanding food service industry, from fine dining to corner bakeries, to the inventory heavy boutique shop owners such as hotel gift shops or flower and card shops. Bevo is a masterful combination of being simple, flexible, redundant, hybrid, mobile, customizable, sophisticated, robust, efficient and economical.

Bevo POS is available as a fully-loaded, modern POS terminal, Bevo Charisma, to mobile iPads and tablets with the full Bevo POS software for tableside ordering and payment processing and iPhones with our Bevo Lite App for go-anywhere real-time reporting for business management. An extensive list of easy to install accessories are also available for your convenience.

Advanced service integration possibilities, like enterprise reporting and online ordering, create business management mastery capabilities.

Bevo POS technical support, should you need it, is available 24/7, including over-night full system replacement if necessary. Our support is offered with the unprecedented standard of being provided by our full time software development team who designed and created Bevo POS. Support is available by both phone and email for your convenience.
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“Bevo POS system has advanced light years beyond what has been available. This level of innovation includes complete platforms for every style of dining, from the favorite neighborhood coffee shop to the most popular night club to Michelin-rated fine dining, while being hybrid, functioning identically on windows and iPad, and redundant, syncing real-time with both cloud and server while being very affordable, even for small business. Simply beyond compare.”

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Bevo Charisma is the most robust, reliable and progressive terminal available to restaurant owners today. Charisma’s sophisticated Bevo software is securely encased within elegant yet industrial strength hardware that offers the strength and endurance needed in demanding work environments.

Mobile POS offers the ultimate efficiency. Using Windows Tablets, with the full Bevo POS software for tableside ordering and payment processing, saves precious staff time and instills trust in the customer since their credit card never leaves the table. Use on-site or away, it stays connected.

The one and only hybrid in the market, iPads uploaded using our Bevo app to install the full Bevo POS software, look, communicate and behave identically to the Windows terminals in the same network. Use on-site or away, it’s a revolutionary innovation that gives you a significant advantage.

Staff can use their iPhones or iTouch with Bevo Lite, our simplified app that offers POS capabilities as well as access restricted real-time management reporting options. Download the app from iTunes. For staff it works only at the restaurant, for those access-restricted, it works everywhere.

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